Monday, March 16, 2009

Blog: Fresh Start

~ Today is the first day of the rest of my online social life. This is the new home of all my blogs, photos, videos, etc. From now on I decide how I share my stuff. I'm going to miss tagging photos but I think that's all I'll miss.

~ I've been blogging for about 1.5 years now, and I couldn't bear to start this off with a blank slate. So, everything posted before this was transferred here last night. I feel it is fitting to give updates on all those stories. If you're new to my blogs you'll know what you missed. If you're a faithful reader, and I didn't lose you in the transition, I hope this breaths new life into some older blogs for you.

The Lie: I'm 30 something now. That's how it's going to stay.

The Antonyms of Wing-Men: I haven't seen that bitch since, thanks be, but tomorrow's St. Patty's. Dun-dun-dunnnn!

Villainy: Brace yourself. She was pregnant. She hadn't taken a test yet, so she wasn't sure. By my calculations she was missing her second period thereabouts. This was the real reason for the tears. I saw pictures of the baby 7 months later and he looked healthy.

Biker Baby:

My niece

That's my niece on her daddy's lap.

Landslides: New-interest is getting married this summer, her college sweetheart I understand.

Guidelines: I've been dating a girl in her mid 20's for 5 or 6 months now, and I can't fathom enjoying the company of an eighteen-year-old these days.

Clearly Boyfriended: If her dreams panned out, "my girl" is teaching English in South Korea right now. Welsh-Tart is still single and is going by the handle Daffyd these days.

That's What Everyone Tells Me: I've put in my application to work at the liquor store that employed that cast.

I'm Pregnant: People don't post those stupid chain letters on MySpace anymore. I'd like to think my blog had something to do with it, but I believe the truth is the mass exodus to Facebook and its lack of bulletins is the real culprit. btw I only had about 20 friends back then.

Terribly Jealous: Ginger's sister is the bitch from "Antonyms of Wing Men". I haven't seen Ginger since then either. Makes St. Patrick's Day a bit of a double edged sword. If I never hang with Ginger again, that's sad. If the bitch puts a damper on yet another St. Patty's Day, that's sad. btw The room still isn't finished.

Potato's Pulse: I can't believe we hung out at Morton's that long ago! It closed after the first year. How I miss it.

People Lived: My friend was a no show. I watched the fireworks from the top of the fire escape with most of the bar staff. ~ Afterwards, I said to the barmaids, "Did you guys smell urine the whole time?" ~ Katie, "Yeah, I did." ~ Jay, "The people who live on that floor let their dog out to pee there." ~ Katie, "Ewe!" ~ Me, "I'm washing my hands." I had been sitting on that level braced on my hands. It felt sticky.

Rules of Non-Engagement: Burned it. ... But wait, now there's a photocopy of it on the web that will linger infinitly. Doh!

How It Works: "Lucy" is "Old-Interest" from "Landslides". She called me after about 5 months. When I told her I had a girlfriend she was very, VERY happy for me. Every sentence had 3 exclamation points at the end. I had company over so, I cut things short, told her to call me tomorrow. That was a month ago, no call, she is a little flaky. I'm hoping this means she'll stop acting so weird when I see her next, because it's been suggested to me that the weirdness stems from feelings she has for me but doesn't want and not feelings she's afraid I have for her like I suspected. Did anyone follow that?

King of the Road: Daffyd informs me that he has never taken that turn without having to drive around that "stupid mutt". He also questions "Where the hell have [I] been?" Also the dog is "black", when he drove home it was "pitch black", therefore he wins, and I should quit my whining. :)

Modern Grooming Habits for Men: My mom cut off the hair I'm sending to Locks of Love. I still haven't got a professional finish on it yet. I look pretty darn silly in the morning.


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