Monday, March 16, 2009

Blog: Rules of Non-Engagement

Originally Posted August 9, 2008 on MySpace

~ Cleaning your closet can be emotionally treacherous. You're liable to find buried memories. Years ago, I grew infatuated with a girl. She didn't want me. We were supposed to be friends, but that was quickly becoming a charade. I tried to avoid her until the feelings died, but it wasn't working. To strengthen my resolve I made a list, rules of engagement or rather rules of non-engagement. I found it in a shoe box beneath a milk crate behind the Christmas decorations in the far back corner of my bedroom closet.

rules of engagement

I can't have her. I push myself away from her. I don't make eye contact with her. I don't touch her. I don't breath near her. I don't live near her.

~ It's a hard thing for me to read --worse to remember. This time I'm going to hide it where I know it can't sneak up on me again. I'm putting it in the kindling box in the garage.


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