Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blog: Updates

~ I couldn't take it anymore. Vista forgot how to update itself properly and would freeze on every shutdown. Then it would notify me every time it started that the update module failed. I took to simply crashing it when I wanted to shutdown.

~ Sure I tried to manually repair it. The trouble began with an Internet Explorer update. This is an easy fix. You download an IE installer package, remove the corrupted program, and reinstall. Avast! IE can not be uninstalled from Vista. They're as conjoined twins now and one can't be separated from the other without making a fatal mess. I might have let them continue on, making a freak show of my desktop, but I couldn't bear the sight of it any longer and took mercy upon them, a fresh install on a blank drive.

~ This may be Vistplorer's --as it should be named-- only saving grace. Installation has never been this easy. All the proper drivers appear on their own. Then however, the updates began. This I felt was insane:


71 updates! 3 hours on broadband! Seriously! Everyone knows Microsoft will never sell a complete and stable product, but at least half of the operating system should come on the install disk. Nevermind me Vistplorer. It's not as if I bought this computer because I wanted to use it. You just have your little freak show and I'll go read a book.


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