Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Photos: Birthday Pretext

~ The following photos are from a party I attended in November 2008. It was a party my friends in Fort Wayne held. I believe the pretext was a birthday, not that parties need one.

The drunk chick on the left, my ex, hit it off fabulously with the drunk chick on the right, Liz. My ex drank way too much and I said it's because she's too small to keep pace with Liz. The hosts said, "Liz can't keep up with Liz."

Here's Liz relying on her beer pong partner not only to carry the game, but to keep her vertical as well.

That's me in the back on the left. That's the Captain in the front and center, or maybe he just has some Captain in him.Photo Credit: Karmen

I believe the birthday girl was about to get her birthday spankings from her husband, but she ended up with a painful looking wedgie instaed.

I don't know how this got started. I'm just glad I wasn't the butt of this joke.

Hilarious.Photo Credit: Karmen

On the way home the next morning. I saw this cloud which I thought looked like a dragon's head. It was more convincing at first sight, but it takes a while to get out the camera, wait for the trees to get out of the way, etc.

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