Monday, April 20, 2009

Photos: Karmen

~ I am way behind on photo sharing. Here is the first installment of updates. These were taken in November of 2008.

The lovely woman trying to brush her hair here is the mysterious girlfriend I've been claiming to have these last 5 months.

You may have asked yourself, "Why hasn't he changed his profile pics to couple shots?" or "Why hasn't he made a blog about her?" The truth is I like to keep my current love life private. Sadly, we are no longer current.

These are from one of our first dates together last fall. We went to the Oakhurst Gardens and wondered about.

Her name is Karmen. Her nickname is Karmen the Magnificent.

This little girl is part of a fountain at the Oakhurst Gardens. She's showing her darker side today, consorting with spiders.

We caught a gnome spying on us. I'd say this is a rare photo, but from the looks of his house I'd guess he's appeared on TLC's "Trading Spaces".

I much prefer the construction of this little house to that of the gnome's. This building's purpose appears to be for holding pretend tea parties. It's full of dolls and a tiny tea set.

These are residents of the koi pond and some spittle courtesy of Karmen.

Here's a video of Karmen tormenting koi. I don't really think she's a jerk, but the fish do.

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