Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blog: Dexter

~ I've been wanting a dog for years. I was resolute that I would not try to get one. I felt this sort of responsibility would have to come and find me. I liked my don't-have-to-come-home-every-night freedom. On the other hand, having someone to come home to and provide for is a desire that's wired into my brain, be it a woman, a child, or a best friend. When Dexter bit my 8.5 months pregnant sister, she said he had to go. Thus, this rambunctious terror is now my responsibility.


~ I took these pictures when I got Dexter his new chain. The old chain (cable actually) had already been chewed through once, so I didn't want to wait for him to do it again. I got him the next weight class up which is comically too big for him. He actually does better with the heavy cord, because it's harder to get tangled in -a cause of instant panic before.


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