Sunday, May 17, 2009

Photos: Family Portrait

Before heading to my sister's house for the day I say goodbye to Dexter. Dexter tries to bite his tail.

The curly haired girl wrapped up in a Tinkerbell blanket is my niece. It's her 3rd birthday. The lap she's sitting on is her Mommy's, my sister.

This is my father holding his first grandson who is 6 days old.

The end of the birthday song, and my niece blowing out the candles.

My sister's best friend and her little girl.

Another of my sisters, one of the many toddlers at the party, and my brother-in-law's best friend.

This little girl loved the dog. When her parents were taking her home later they told her to say goodbye to the birthday girl. She said, "Bye Puppy!"

*Warning!* You may want to turn down the volume on your speakers before opening this one. We think they're pretending to be on a roller coaster.

Four generations. There were three different great grandparents available at the party for this sort of thing. I only got this one because I had to go out side and see what all the ruckus was about. (see above)

Finally, after 3 great grandparents, 3 grandparents, two feedings, and a nap; I got to hold my nephew! He had the hiccups.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blog: Dexter

~ I've been wanting a dog for years. I was resolute that I would not try to get one. I felt this sort of responsibility would have to come and find me. I liked my don't-have-to-come-home-every-night freedom. On the other hand, having someone to come home to and provide for is a desire that's wired into my brain, be it a woman, a child, or a best friend. When Dexter bit my 8.5 months pregnant sister, she said he had to go. Thus, this rambunctious terror is now my responsibility.


~ I took these pictures when I got Dexter his new chain. The old chain (cable actually) had already been chewed through once, so I didn't want to wait for him to do it again. I got him the next weight class up which is comically too big for him. He actually does better with the heavy cord, because it's harder to get tangled in -a cause of instant panic before.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Blog: Musician

~ I have a look-a-like. He's a musician with a silver strat. He plays in my region. This is all I know. I've never heard my name. I've never heard my music. I have heard plenty of compliments. Apparently I'm good, but not good enough for anyone to bother remembering who I am. The first one to inform me of my alternate persona was a pretty little barista at my local caffeine store. The night before, her band opened for me in Dayton. She was so surprised to see me in her Muncie shop, that she had to question if I was who she thought I was. I wasn't of course.

My guitar apparently. (click for source.)

~ I was in a dark mood that day. I hardly felt like flirting, but she had a bit of a crush on me from the night before. Weird that. Females and their feelings are so fickle, but a transferred fall? His music and his face knock her over one evening, then my face, the same face mind you, and my charm catch her the next morning. These thoughts were too strange for a dark day especially with her smile beaming my way. In the end, I got her band's name, and promised to check it out.

~ The attraction for me was minimal. Sure, when I went out for a cup I hoped to find her filling it, but when some other pretty girl was pouring I hardly noticed my disappointment. Everything changed when I saw her perform. I had checked out her band on the web as promised. I wasn't impressed. It wasn't bad, but I certainly wouldn't go to a show to see them. However, if they were opening for someone I did want to see, then I considered them icing on the cake. A few months later, such a scenario presented itself.

~ She was very talented. Her voice was so lovely that every time she backed the lead singer I was forced to recognize what a terrible singer he was. This band had about a dozen players crammed on stage. There was plenty of sound to blur the focus from the lead voice, but when she sang harmony I wanted so badly to hear harmony. Ha! I can assure you it was not her fault. In a band of this size at least 3 instruments were supporting the melody at all times. The notes they should have been singing were clear. He was clearly all over the damn place, everywhere but with her. When it was done my mates and I were all in agreement. We were smitten and she should go solo.

~ The very next day, I did not feel like coffee. There's a bar over the coffee shop so I went top side for a drink. There she was, just her, not even the bartender was in sight. She didn't remember me from before. She didn't even work here anymore. She had just come by to see her friends, drop off a disk of her solo work, and leave. That's when she got roped into keeping an eye on the bar for a moment. It felt like a moment, a fraction of a moment. In the time it took to state the facts above the bartender was back, and she had to run off to class. Hold on! Did she say solo work? The bartender wanted to play it right away. I insisted on it. Alas, there was a cable missing from the sound equipment.

~ This is how my dilemma started. After a month or two I thought I'd be able to find her new music online. Instead I found her blog. I was still in the hope of running into her yet again and hitting it off. Therefore, reaping the wealth of knowledge her blog surely contained about her seemed like an awfully stalkerly thing to do. I read one article. It was terrific writing! She must have been a writing major or something. She had beauty and brains -Lord help me! I filed it under temptation and left it alone, until yesterday.

~ Yesterday was a year from my last glimpse of her, give or take some months. I was waiting for paint to dry. I was quite bored. I clicked on the bookmarks menu hoping to find something interesting to dwell on. There it was, a bright orange "B" sitting next to her name, calling my name. "I'll never see her again." I thought. "What harm could it do now?"

~ Funny, charming, interesting, heart warming, at times heart wrenching- it was a beautiful blog by a beautiful woman who, it turns out, was a creative writing minor. In the end it made me quite sad. In the last entries she wrote about packing up and moving on with her post college life. I felt like she was putting my hopes in boxes, sealing them shut, and moving out of my reach. I don't know if she was really crushing the first time I met her. I don't know if she could see me that time I could have sworn she was singing right to me. I really doubt that she'll even remember me. Most of all, I don't know if she'll ever check her abandoned blog and find the comment I left her.

~ Yep. I only intended to steal a look and leave like a thief in the night, like an outright voyeur. Three-fourths of the way through the first year of her blog she called me out. Granted, I wasn't reading back in 2006, but she blogged that she was fully aware a lot of somebodies were reading her blog. She said that looking and not commenting was kind of creepy. She said to comment. So, I said:

"I just read your entire blog. I was a fan of your [band] work. I went searching for your solo work. I've never had the pleasure. I found this instead. Nice."

~ I have renewed hope now. This time, it's to someday find my mailbox containing an envelope containing a disk containing her music. In the meantime, I think I'll try to find my music again.