Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photo Blog: Love Spoon

~ I've been thinking of making craft items for profit. One craft I've considered is Welsh love spoons. This is my first attempt. I had stipulations surrounding the construction of this spoon. First, it would be very simple. I tend to get carried away with the scope of my projects. Also, I haven't carved in awhile so I wanted to ease back into the sport with an easy project. Second, I had to finish it in one day. This goal was more about avoiding sinking so much time in it that I couldn't recoup my costs. It still needs oil, but I don't have any. I'm calling it a success.

stirs emotions

~ Love spoons are a Welsh tradition with the oldest known examples dating from the 1600's. A man would carve it for his beloved, usually as part of his marriage proposal. There are two traditional symbols in my spoon. Love is indicated by the heart. The twist represents a vine which expresses a growing love.