Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photo Blog: Love Spoon

~ I've been thinking of making craft items for profit. One craft I've considered is Welsh love spoons. This is my first attempt. I had stipulations surrounding the construction of this spoon. First, it would be very simple. I tend to get carried away with the scope of my projects. Also, I haven't carved in awhile so I wanted to ease back into the sport with an easy project. Second, I had to finish it in one day. This goal was more about avoiding sinking so much time in it that I couldn't recoup my costs. It still needs oil, but I don't have any. I'm calling it a success.

stirs emotions

~ Love spoons are a Welsh tradition with the oldest known examples dating from the 1600's. A man would carve it for his beloved, usually as part of his marriage proposal. There are two traditional symbols in my spoon. Love is indicated by the heart. The twist represents a vine which expresses a growing love.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Photos: Family Portrait

Before heading to my sister's house for the day I say goodbye to Dexter. Dexter tries to bite his tail.

The curly haired girl wrapped up in a Tinkerbell blanket is my niece. It's her 3rd birthday. The lap she's sitting on is her Mommy's, my sister.

This is my father holding his first grandson who is 6 days old.

The end of the birthday song, and my niece blowing out the candles.

My sister's best friend and her little girl.

Another of my sisters, one of the many toddlers at the party, and my brother-in-law's best friend.

This little girl loved the dog. When her parents were taking her home later they told her to say goodbye to the birthday girl. She said, "Bye Puppy!"

*Warning!* You may want to turn down the volume on your speakers before opening this one. We think they're pretending to be on a roller coaster.

Four generations. There were three different great grandparents available at the party for this sort of thing. I only got this one because I had to go out side and see what all the ruckus was about. (see above)

Finally, after 3 great grandparents, 3 grandparents, two feedings, and a nap; I got to hold my nephew! He had the hiccups.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photos: End of Aught Eight

~ This is assuredly the last set from 2008, New Year's Eve. An old friend invited me to his formal party in Indy. So, I put on my best suit, picked up my best girl, and had the best time.

This is me looking spiffy with my date. As much as pride myself on my mingling skills, I hardly talked to anyone else the whole night.Photo Credit: Karmen

Formal dress was about the only special formality witnessed that evening. Otherwise, it was a typical party, drinking games and all. This one is Anchor Man. Teams bounce coins into a pitcher of beer. The team that successfully deposits their money first wins. The losers have to drink down the pitcher in one gulp per player. Don't choke on the change.

The extra member of our couple is the host. We worked together in Muncie before he moved to Indy. He always threw the best parties -and still does.Photo Credit: Karmen

Um... hey... that's my date. It must be the tie around the head.Photo Credit: Karmen

The guy dancing with my date was a riot. He's the guy every party ought to have, the guy with the fun and comical moves, the life of the dance floor.

These pretty partiers are all tuckered out. Good thing there was a big comfy chair in which they could peacefully slumber, undisturbed.

Well, undisturbed wasn't likely to last, especially if you're dating a wild and crazy guy like the girl in the blue dress.

Their best Zulander impressions. I had a great time. Thanks guys. For 2009 I think it's time I throw one of my own outrageous New Year's Eve parties again. Get yourselves ready.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Photos: Birthday Pretext

~ The following photos are from a party I attended in November 2008. It was a party my friends in Fort Wayne held. I believe the pretext was a birthday, not that parties need one.

The drunk chick on the left, my ex, hit it off fabulously with the drunk chick on the right, Liz. My ex drank way too much and I said it's because she's too small to keep pace with Liz. The hosts said, "Liz can't keep up with Liz."

Here's Liz relying on her beer pong partner not only to carry the game, but to keep her vertical as well.

That's me in the back on the left. That's the Captain in the front and center, or maybe he just has some Captain in him.Photo Credit: Karmen

I believe the birthday girl was about to get her birthday spankings from her husband, but she ended up with a painful looking wedgie instaed.

I don't know how this got started. I'm just glad I wasn't the butt of this joke.

Hilarious.Photo Credit: Karmen

On the way home the next morning. I saw this cloud which I thought looked like a dragon's head. It was more convincing at first sight, but it takes a while to get out the camera, wait for the trees to get out of the way, etc.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Photos: Karmen

~ I am way behind on photo sharing. Here is the first installment of updates. These were taken in November of 2008.

The lovely woman trying to brush her hair here is the mysterious girlfriend I've been claiming to have these last 5 months.

You may have asked yourself, "Why hasn't he changed his profile pics to couple shots?" or "Why hasn't he made a blog about her?" The truth is I like to keep my current love life private. Sadly, we are no longer current.

These are from one of our first dates together last fall. We went to the Oakhurst Gardens and wondered about.

Her name is Karmen. Her nickname is Karmen the Magnificent.

This little girl is part of a fountain at the Oakhurst Gardens. She's showing her darker side today, consorting with spiders.

We caught a gnome spying on us. I'd say this is a rare photo, but from the looks of his house I'd guess he's appeared on TLC's "Trading Spaces".

I much prefer the construction of this little house to that of the gnome's. This building's purpose appears to be for holding pretend tea parties. It's full of dolls and a tiny tea set.

These are residents of the koi pond and some spittle courtesy of Karmen.

Here's a video of Karmen tormenting koi. I don't really think she's a jerk, but the fish do.

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